Dick McNicholas

Dick's work is the history of an era brought back to us from the garages and archives of pinball enthusiast around the world. He is the only one to have acquired the rights to sell prints from the original pinball machines  from Gottlieb and we believe he will be a pinball backglass king and his restoration of pinball appreciated for generations.


Pinball Enthusiast & Retro Artist. Dick is a native Oregonian that was introduced to the game of pinball in the 70's. Dick's interest in pinball started an amusement machine route which included over 2500 game machines in the Pacific Northwest. His love of pinball sparked an appreciation for the art of backglass from the game machines, and now you have the opportunity to enjoy fabulous retro art from his collection. Friendships, laughter and memories are associated with arcade games and backglass art preserves this era in time.



Dick McNicholas, Pinball Art USA, Authorized Licensee of Gottlieb Development LLC, Owner of the Gottlieb® and D. Gottlieb & Co. ® Trademarks.